“Do androids dream of mobile apps?”

“Do androids dream in legalese?”

“App(lied) Learning”

“App(lied) Mobility”

“Upward Mobility”

“A moment m’lord – I’ll just check my phone.”

“Switch on… or take the hit.”

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How Martial Arts Influenced My Life

oyama quote

Back in the day, apart from boxing all that you could watch on TV in terms of fighting was wrestling; the likes of Jacky Pallo and Mick McManus and, my two personal favourites, Bert Royal and George Kidd.

George, a lightweight champion, had such breath taking brilliance it spurred me to buy the magazines and even take up amateur wrestling when I was 16. I enjoyed buying the wrestling boots and thought I looked really good in them. The woolly swimming trunks didn’t look quite right, though.

My coaches were British welterweight and lightweight champions and a club member was the heavyweight champion, a policeman called McNamara I recall who, when I was asked to spar with him, just fell on top of me and I couldn’t move because of his huge weight. Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS – Shock as Judge reverses Niblock decision.

Lord Justice Trammelslog’s decision earlier this week caused ripples in the personal injury legal community but today’s shock news is bound to cause a positive tsunami.

In, it must be said, a somewhat late move, renowned oleaginous personal injury defendant lawyer, Itza Stitchup (also available for Bar Mitzvahs, sewing bees and adult parties) made a surprise appeal on behalf of the defendants against the decision of His Lordship to allow an employment expert.

Trammelslog LJ had granted leave on behalf of the claimant for an employment expert with significant, in-depth knowledge of niblock gruntfuttocking in the case of the SAS platoon LGBT co-ordinator who had shot herself plumb centre of the niblock. Continue reading

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Breaking news – Judge allows employment expert!

Controversial judge, Lord Justice Trammelslog, today gave permission for an employment expert witness, much to the astonishment of the solicitor making the application.

Ms Middlestump said, ‘Usually, he dismisses any application for an employment expert and I recall the last time was about 20 years ago in the most unusual case of a young man who worked as a niblock gruntfuttocker.   His lordship had, as was his usual practice, asked why on earth I couldn’t find out the earnings and career potential myself, but I was able to tell him that not only were there only four gruntfuttocks in the country but just one person, an employment expert, who knew about niblocks’. Continue reading

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Today I shall pretend I’ve had an accident and going to make a claim

Now who shall I turn to ? What sort of law firm ? I read that a judge called Jackson is making life difficult for personal injury lawyers. There’s talk of many small firms giving up this area of work, which means the high street lawyers I guess, but there is also talk that these small firms are going to gatecrash the clinical negligence party. Continue reading

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Accident Claims – How it all began….

Personal injury has been big business for many years and ‘slip and fall’ can be traced back to the last quarter of the 19th century in America where it was common for someone to say they slipped on a banana skin whilst alighting from a train. One such person was Anna Strula, more commonly known as Banana Anna who apparently made around 17 claims.

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Slippers & Slapheads

My wife said to me the other day “Cassie has peed in my slippers” which struck me as a little off the wall given we normally have broader conversations. I should explain that Cassie is our pet long haired miniature dachsund, not a daughter.

“More to the point”, she said, “I was wearing them at the time”. Continue reading

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